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The Only Recipe You'll Ever Need

Have you seen the new craze on Facebook with Bundt Cakes? So many failed and successful cakes, advice, and recipes fill the pages of many profiles now. I bake bundt cakes in my business and in my personal life, but the key to pretty success is the recipe!

This past Thanksgiving I made over $3000 in one week from my Cream Cheese Pound Cake! This recipe is pretty simple but it requires focus and diligence! I have written this recipe and many more high ticket desserts in my new recipe e-book- Just A Spoonful of Vanilla.

Here are the highlights of the ebook:

  • 14 hand crafted dessert recipes

  • Step by step instructions on how to execute, ingredients, and alternatives.

  • A new alternative to level up your home baking or traditional baking business

Click here if for more information. I guarantee you don't want to miss out.

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